Sound Healing

Since the dawn of man, music and sound has played a part in healing practices. From the human voice to percussive instruments, sound has been used to alter brain activity and induce a state of calm and deep insight.

Scientifically speaking, studies have proven that specific drum patterns increase ‘theta’ activity, known to induce a hypnotic-like state of awareness, dream-like states, and feelings of increased insight and creativity. Research shows that the human brain responds to specific tones of sound. Sound and music without words stimulates cellular activity in the right side of the brain. For most people, the left side of the brain handles the tasks of language and logic, whereas the right side tends towards more creative activities that are non-language related. Certainly it is important to understand language; however, intelligence is not based on this ability alone. Genius ability and creative talents dominated by the right brain are also essential components of intelligence, although often overlooked.

When the non-dominant side of the brain is stimulated through sound, our senses become more aware, more sensitive. Sound healing helps patients to stimulate the right side of the brain to experience these sensations, delving deeper into inner mental and emotional thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings may express themselves as vivid imagery, or internal conversation, as the patient lies comfortably, receiving the sound healing treatment.

A study of neurology proves that we use less than 10% of our brains, which means that, unless one is involved in a highly creative line of work, specific right-brained neural pathways are not receiving regular stimulation and largely remain dormant.

At Alternative Health Care Concepts, Christina Marino’s practice of Sound Healing wakes up those dormant pathways, exposing the right side of the brain to levels of stimulation that helps each individual to express their own innate genius. Christina believes that Sound Healing produces an altered state of consciousness that powerfully and painlessly unlocks your hidden potential.

Christina has studied the latest Sound Healing techniques with world renowned musician, researcher, author, and therapist Tom Kenyon, who founded Acoustic Brain Research (ABR) to document the effects of sound and music on consciousness, coined the term ‘psychoacoustics’ (meaning the effects of sound on the psyche) and developed numerous psychoacoustic recordings to increase creativity, insight and spiritual illumination. The author of several books including Brain State, a critically acclaimed guide to the brain’s unused potentials, Tom regularly conducts trainings and seminars throughout the world on the topics of sound healing, consciousness and spiritual illumination.

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