Acupuncture Cupping Massage

How cupping works

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    Acupuncture Cupping Massage

    Acupuncture cupping massage is a type of Chinese medicine that is done by placing a number of glasses spheres or ‘cups’ on the body. A match or cotton ball soaked in alcohol is lit to warm up the air in the cup then is removed before the cup is placed on the skins surface. When the air in the cup is warmed up, it expands then cools after the cup is placed on the skin. This lowers the pressure in the cup allowing it to settle in suction. Cups used together with massage oil, are slid around the back giving a reverse pressure massage.

    How cupping works

    Acupuncture Cupping works by applying aromatic massage oil to the body with even and strong massage strokes loosening up the skin along with muscle tissues. The glass spheres are then placed on to the oil applied on the body parts for treatment. The cups are released in a way to heal deeply creating a vacuum. The warmth and suction effect have a dramatic effect on the body’s immune system improving lymph and blood circulation while stimulating the spinal nerves and muscles. The cups are typically applied to the shoulders and back, legs and stomach to treat different conditions.

    This Chinese medicine treatment is left on the skin for a period of time, usually 5 to 15 minutes, determined by the condition being treated and the style of cupping being used. Acupuncture and cupping therapy helps in treating different ailments in different ways quickly and rapidly. This can be used along with other Chinese medicine preparations like ginger juice and acupuncture needles.

    Conditions best treated with cupping

    Conditions treated with acupuncture cupping may include chest congestions and coughing, muscular, and arthritic pains, headaches and stomachaches. However, there are contraindications for conditions such as ulcerated sores and allergic skin conditions but the practitioners should advice accordingly and recommend the best Chinese medicine remedy applicable.

    This is also great for pregnancy related pains and aches especially of the lower back and pelvic pains. Acupuncture offers treatment to help with easing pains during pregnancy and after delivery. This can be combined with physical therapy and other Chinese medicine for enhanced results and quicker recovery. Studies have shown that it also reduces effectively the symptoms of nausea and vomiting experienced by pregnant women.

    Benefits of Cupping Massage

    Acupuncture Cupping massage has a variety of benefits it increases metabolism and blood circulation among the following.

    • Improved Energy Flow: Chinese medicine effectively improves energy flow to the whole body through the heat and suction stimulation on the body surface.
    • Pain Relief: Acupuncture cupping is known to relieve chronic pain and help in improving movement in injured areas.
    • Loosen Muscles: Acupuncture is effective in reducing muscle stiffness that is associated with a disorder like fibromyalgia. It works by loosening the muscles and allowing blood to flow to the particular areas while softening the tissues. This leads to increased flexibility and enhanced mobility.
    • Relaxation: this is an incredibly relaxing massage procedure. The therapy is soothing and lightly done by the acupuncturist. The cups movement around the body with gentle strokes is soothing and improves ones overall sense of relaxation.
    • Digestive disorders: Chinese medicines like acupuncture also help in increasing peristaltic movements and increasing gastrointestinal fluids.

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