Crystal Bed Healing

Crystal Bed Healing uses a variety of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals, extracted slowly over a long period of time from a mine in the small Brazilian town of Garimbo de Ouro. Each of the seven crystals came from one single stone. Hand-sculpted under a waterfall, there are no joints in any of the crystals.

John of God, a spiritual healer known as the Miracle Man of Brazil, established Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola for visitors who wish to partake of his miraculous healing. Those who have been experienced crystal bed healing say they feel rejuvenated in a way they never thought possible.

Christina Marino has visited John of God several times, receiving both the benefits of his healing and instruction in healing others. John of God and the Entities of the Casa asked Christina Marino to incorporate the miracle of the crystal bed into her practice at Alternative Health Care Concepts. She is thrilled to make this intense healing technique available to her patients.

During treatment, the patient lays on the bed, eyes closed, being bathed in crystal energy from the seven quartz crystals positioned 12 inches above the patient’s chakras. The energy is delivered in the form of vibration, light and color, which rain down upon the patient and flow through the chakras from root to crown. The patient will feel harmony, peace, and a higher level of awareness during treatment, and the lasting effects of crystal bed healing affect the patient throughout many of the body’s systems. Patients report feeling warmth, movement, tingling or expansion, along with higher states of consciousness and the gaining of new insights.

The benefits of Crystal Bed Healing include:

  1. Chakras and subtle energy bodies are harmonized
  2. Frequencies in electromagnetic field are rebalanced
  3. Mind and body healing processes are triggered
  4. Physical system functioning is rejuvenated
  5. Higher spiritual awareness is stimulated

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