Chinese Medicine Practitioners have practiced cupping for thousands of years, dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC). Alternative Health Care Concepts’ Christina Marino is one of the specialized practitioners trained and highly-skilled in the practice of cupping in combination with the practice of moxa. With thousands of grateful patients and many years of experience in the art of Chinese Medicine, Christina Marino has the training and expertise to help you rid yourself of long standing fatigue, muscle pain and unexplained headaches using this ancient healing practice.

Cupping invigorates the blood and disperses Qi (life force) congestion, encouraging the patient’s own built-in ability to rejuvenate their health and maintain the delicate balance so crucial to excellent health. Chinese Medicine is based on the principle of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), which is the fundamental energy of the universe through which all energy flows. Qi is a subtle energy that is not seen but felt. A congested Qi created poor circulation, leading to congestion throughout the body, particularly the muscles.

Our poor diets, overworked, overstressed lives, and lack of restful sleep and proper exercise effects our circulation and leads to congestion. You probably know the feeling of functioning each day but almost dragging yourself from bed to your daily activities and back to bed again at night. While this kind of overwhelming fatigue is quite commonplace in our society, it is far from normal and certainly can lead to a variety of modern illnesses.

Cupping is most commonly performed on the patient’s back, since the muscles that line the spine from the neck to tailbone are a natural location for this treatment. Your back muscles connect directly to your spinal nerves, and stimulation of these nerves can increase the flow of blood to your muscles and vital organs, effectively removing congestive toxins.

Cupping is often used in conjunction with moxa, or mugwort, an herb that is ground finely and processed into a stick. The moxa is then burned and placed indirectly over the skin to stimulate circulation and ensure a better blood flow. Practitioners typically use moxa to warm acupuncture points or areas of the skin to stimulate circulation. According to medical history, it appears that moxibustion is an older practice than acupuncture, beginning before the 2nd century BC. Moxibustion is especially effective in treating chronic conditions and boosting the body’s energy resources.

Cupping begins with glass or plastic vacuum cups. The cup is placed against the skin to create a vacuum, pulling the skin tightly and slightly raising the skin underneath the cup. Cupping produces a negative air pressure vacuum that releases rigid tissue and muscle, forcing it to relax. An experienced practitioner can provide a safe and effective treatment with either glass or plastic cups. The cups are left on for 10-15 minutes, with up to 80 cups being used during the treatment. When combined with acupuncture or moxa, treatments can be enhanced to speed up the patient’s recovery time.

If you are suffering from sore or tight muscles in your back, fatigue that never seems to go away, unexplained headaches, frequent colds, flu-like symptoms, pain, numbness or sports injuries, cupping and moxa can be extremely effective alternative health care solutions.

Christina Marino’s customized natural health care treatments treat you as a complete person. You are not separate from your symptoms, and the natural healing methods used at Alternative Health Care Concepts ensure that you will be treated with the finest, most advanced natural healing techniques currently being used to gain optimum health and well being. Contact Alternative Health Care Concepts to discuss how we can help you to end the vicious cycle of pain and fatigue. Call us today at 818-505-9511!


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