Facial Rejuvenation

The Chinese discovered many years ago, that facial beauty is a reflection of the health of the body.

According to oriental medicine, qi is the absolute basis for all forms of life in the universe. It is the Chinese term for “life sustaining energy”. Imbalance of the qi – either too much or too little – is believed to be the root of all illness. When qi is gone, life is gone.

Circulation of “Qi” means circulation of the blood, circulation of the blood means healthier organs and body functions, healthier body functions means healthier younger beautiful skin.

The results of our acupuncture face-lift treatment, includes diminished facial lines (wrinkles) caused by aging, improved facial muscle toning, improved skin elasticity and healthier body functions. The treatment creates a more youthful appearance.

We use Acupuncture, Acupressure facial massage, the application of a natural Chinese herbal beauty mask and other natural herbal products for the facial skin to achieve a beautiful you.

A complete facelift course includes 20 treatments, the number of courses you need depends on your age, health and the condition of your skin.

A treatment plan can be outlined for you.

Acupuncture Face Lift

Non-Acupuncture Face Lift

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