What They Say

My migraines have been gone for over 5 months! I ‘m off prescription drugs it… It’s a miracle!

M. T., Television Producer

She saved my life from a downward spiral depression caused by a divorce/trauma.

P. L. Artist

Christina Marino is a miracle worker!.

K. B. Graphic Designer

She’s a true healer,she improved the quality of my life where I’m able to function day to day without any pain.No one else has done what she did,after exhausting myself of seeing numerous different doctors. Christina is the one and only healer for me.

C. W. Feature Story Librarian

She’s into Results,Results,Results & she’s the best at getting you there!


Since I’ve been receiving treatments my immunity has improved immensely. I no longer catch every illness going around. I’m much more able to stay healthy and relaxed.


Over the years,I have worked with acupuncturists & so I can say with authority that Christina Marino displays Excellence in every part of her practice and her true concern for her patients is obvious in every way.She is a credit to her profession.

Dr. David Foster

She really helped me to make the mind ,body ,soul connection, which was really valuable in my recovery. I really have to thank Christina for restoring me to the person I dreamed I could be. Happy, Healthy, and Whole!.

K. Y. Event Planner

Acupuncture helps reduce stress. I was getting to where I thought I would have to have surgery for carpal tunnel, but since I started acupuncture it has nearly gone away. I also learned that I had specific food sensitivities Christina identified immediately.So for the first time in 10 years I’m off doctor prescribed daily allergy medication.

M. L. Attorney

No one does it better! Go to Christina if you really want to feel GREAT!.

C. H. Consultant

For as long as I can remember I had an acne problem. I tried everything from pro-active to other expensive products. I spent hundreds of dollars going getting facials and nothing worked. This went on for 5 years and then I heard about Christina Marino and decided what the heck I tried everything else,one more thing won’t hurt. So I made an appointment & from that day on my face has never looked so beautiful. She helped me regain my self esteem and confidence back.

Kristine B. Designer

She’s an exceptional doctor. I have been seeing her for several months and in the time that she has treated me I have felt a substantial difference in the way that I feel! This is in part due to her tremendous knowledge in both acupuncture and herbal medicine, but also his generous personality. Dr. Marino is super easy to talk with, I feel very comfortable discussing any concern that I may be having about my health and my body. As an art teacher, I appreciate the time the time Dr. Marino has taken to educate me about my therapies, diet and nutrition. I really trust her, and I have a very hard time trusting doctors! Sessions with Dr. Marino are always generous. She always takes ample time putting in the needles, which she does quite swiftly, and never rushes to see the next patient. As of late she has also been doing some bodywork with me, which has been absolutely wonderful! It’s like getting an acupuncture and chiropractic appointment in one, but far better! Dr. Marino’s expertise is wide and she always willing to spend extra time to consider and treat me in the most holistic way. I also appreciate how flexible Dr. Marino has been with his time. I have had to reschedule my appointments a few times and she has always been accommodating. I have worked with a few acupuncturists in California and Dr. Marino is unequivocally the best!

Katherine H