Energetic Healing

Alternative Health Care Concepts is a pioneer in the field of energetic healing. In practice for over 26 years, and with successful outcomes for more than 50,000 patients, Christina Marino truly understands how to use the science of energy with the miracle of natural healing to bring about the health results you’ve been seeking.

Christina Marino is a student of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a premier, four-year diploma program that emphasizes Dr. Barbara Brennan’s ‘hands of light’ healing practices as taught through Brennan Healing Science. Practitioners who complete four comprehensive years of study in this program emerge as true professionals in the practice of energetic healing.

Brennan Healing Science emphasizes the real root of disease- specifically, “dis-ease”- seen in the human body as imbalances in the energy fields that dominate our cells, tissues and organs. Also involved is the Human Energy Field (often discussed as ‘aura’ and ‘chakra’) that envelope and penetrate our physical bodies. Such disturbances can be related to old traumas, new or past stresses and limiting belief systems that keep us stuck in former patterns of thinking and behavior that should have been cast off long ago.

Christina Marino is a skilled Energy Healer who uses her High Sense Perception, intuition, and own body of energy to act as a conduit of pure healing energy in clearing, charging, aligning and balance your auric and physical body. You’ll feel yourself becoming stronger over time, as you benefit from additional techniques including:

  1. Spine Clearing: Physical/emotional distress blocks energy. Spine Clearing is essential to releasing this blocked energy.
  2. Relational Cord Clearing: Relationship difficulties are shifted and resolved
  3. Lifehood Healing: Address past life issues, attachments and astral intrusions
  4. Hara Healing: Align your intentions to manifest your life and world tasks
  5. Core Star Healing: Feel whole again as you renew your oneness with your inner divine self

Brennan Healing Science is an integral part of an alternative health care plan for those with acute or chronic disease and injuries, or psychological trauma or disease. Brennan Healing Science has been effectively used in the treatment of back pain, fibromyalgia, acute injuries, depression, burns, esophagitis, headaches, infertility, colitis, early cancer, cardiovascular disorders, anxiety, immune system problems, and a variety of other diseases. Those who have been treated report a feeling of greater well-being and improved health.

Brennan Healing Science is a complementary treatment plan that, rather than taking the place of traditional medicine, enhances and supports traditional medical treatment and personal wellness plans. Practitioners prefer to perform these healing techniques as just one aspect of an individual’s integrated health care plan, along with other team members rounding out the treatment puzzle for the most beneficial patient care.

Energy Healing may be a completely new concept for you, but don’t allow your unfamiliarity with it to stop you from finding out exactly how Christina Marino’s Energy Healing techniques can help you to break away from the issues that are holding you back in life. You deserve all the happiness and success you’ve dreamed about! Alternative Health Care Concepts knows how to break the chains that bind you to old habits and the stresses that cause physical disease. Call us today to find out more at 818-505-9511!

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