The practice of Shamanism is one of the lesser known healing arts. But for the individual seeking to be made whole again, help from an experienced shaman can cleanse and purify body, mind and soul, chasing out real and imaginary spirits that are holding the individual back from achieving optimum health and happiness.

In our modern day, with so much interest in alternative health care techniques, shamanism is making a comeback. And nowhere is this more evident than at Alternative Health Care Concepts, where practitioner Christina Marino puts her skills as a medicine woman to work in restoring you to total emotional and physical health. Trained and experienced in the practice of indigenous medicine, Christina Marino applies her own signature style for your benefit with these specific healing practices:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy
  • Psychopomp
  • Extraction work
  • Spiritual House Cleaning
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Shamanic Counseling
  • Life Path Divination
  • Distance Healing
  • Drumming Circles

Shamans are healers, practitioners of magic, storytellers, and spiritual guides who serve as a connection between the human world and the world that is beyond. Experienced, knowledgeable shamans like Christina Marino walk with one foot in our domain and the other foot on the spiritual plane. Shamanism is not a religion, but a way to approach the world with a deeper spirituality that achieves a more complete and happy existence.

An experienced shaman like Christina Marino often meditates deeply, her spirit leaving her body to communicate with the spirits of animals, plants, the heavens, and spirits of the dead. It is her job to bring back knowledge from the heavens. She may accomplish this using her skills to induce a trance-like state called ‘dreamtime’, in which she enters an altered state of consciousness to visit the spirit world and seek assistance for the one who wishes to be healed. She is also able to perform a soul retrieval. Part of the soul can be lost due to a traumatic experience such as abuse in childhood, adulthood, the loss of a close loved one, or witnessing a tragedy. Christina Marino is able to retrieve the lost part of a person’s soul, restoring that individual to health and wholeness.

Shamans believe that physical illness has spiritual roots. For those who are open to this form of natural healing, Christina Marino uses her spirit to enter the body of the afflicted person, healing them by removing the invading spirit. The use of herbal medicines is also common practice.

Alternative Health Care Concepts is pleased to offer shamanism as an additional wellness tool in their alternative health care toolbox. Those who have experienced the nurturing, deeply spiritual environment created by Christina Marino at the offices of Alternative Health Care Concepts have been amazed at the excellent results. They have discovered that shamanism is one way to embrace natural healing that can bring incredible peace and harmony to your life.

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