Holistic Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a multi-disciplinary system that helps clients with transitions in their personal life, and self-actualization. Part mentor, part counselor, part friend, the Life Coach helps people with goals and self-assessment as well as with retraining learned in an effort to uncover the client’s true path in life.

Christina Marino approaches holistic life coaching as both an art and a science, bringing a wealth of training and knowledge in many different modalities of mind/body/spirit counseling and treatment. A practitioner of intuitive counseling for over 26 years, Christina Marino created Alternative Health Care Concepts as a way to incorporate a variety of alternative health care treatments under one holistic roof.

While Life Coaching does employ some fairly standard techniques, Christina’s years of experience has shown her that every individual person requires an individual approach. She has developed her own unique methods for encouraging her clients’ growth, utilizing guided meditation and a relaxing, supportive environment to draw clients out for maximum benefit. Christina talks with clients about their goals and dreams, helping each individual to get on the right path. Combining various life coaching strategies, such as journaling, affirmations and tasks, Christina can help you uncover what is truly meaningful to you, discovering your true self and potential and empowering you to take control of your life and live it to the fullest.

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