Alternative Health Care Concepts is pleased to offer Chinese healing remedies as an integral component of a comprehensive natural healing program.

Chinese medicine teaches that a person who is not healthy mentally and emotionally cannot possibly be healthy physically and holds that any disease or disorder can be traced back to a disharmony in one’s personal energy or or “Chi”. Rather than simply treating bodily symptoms of the patient, as is so often seen in western medicine, Chinese Medicine treats the mental and spiritual afflictions as well.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and bodywork massage. Recently, western culture has seen a resurgence in the popularity of ancient healing methods and some physicians, in an attempt to cash in on this trend, offer a version of Chinese medicine that does not provide the full treatment spectrum.

Christina Marino, however, is an experienced, trained and knowledgeable Chinese medicine practitioner with a deep belief in natural healing. Christina understands that you are unique. There is only one you! And she wants to help you take the best care of yourself so you can enjoy a pain-free life of peace. Christina’s popular and effective Chinese Medicine treatments are customized to suit your needs. At Alternative Health Care Concepts, you won’t find solutions that simply come off the shelf….. Only the most caring, knowledgeable practitioner who wants to help you be your very best.

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